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Cisco Nexus 9300 – VXLAN with BGP EVPN Control Plane – Part 1

For the last few weeks I have been configuring, testing and taking new Cisco Nexus 9300 (Nexus 9000) platform with VXLAN and BGP EVPN control plane into use. It proved to be somewhat challenging due to documentation and user experiences being so sparse. Especially as some posts, configuration guides and documentation seems to tell to do things differently. There is no clear explanation on why they’ve done it that way or another. So I decided to make this post to clear things up, and as always, if you have questions or agree/disagree on something, please comment below. Also note that this post is more a configuration guide than VXLAN (or BGP EVPN) introduction, Google and Cisco documentation can help with that. Part 2 will introduce the DCI (Data Center Interconnect) and how to implement that with VXLAN and BGP EVPN.

Two important notes before we begin:

  • If you use BGP as ingress-replication protocol, then you do not need any Multicast config!
  • Also note that the configuration below is using eBGP (iBGP configuration is quite different)! 

The infra is built with the following specs and software:

  • Spines: Cisco Nexus 9332PQ
  • Leafs: Cisco Nexus 9372PX
  • All switches are running the 7.0(3)I1(3) software (latest as of 3.9.2015)

Topology overview (DCI will be implemented in Part 2):

Topology overview

Topology in more detail:

Detailed topology

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